Class 6 Assignment Solution 2022 5th Week – ৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণী এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর ২০২১

Class 6 Assignment Solution 2022 5th Week has been published on our website. From now all the students of class 6 can easily find this post. Then they can collect their ৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণী এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর/সমাধান ২০২১ Six class assignment answer 2022. As we here added this class 6 assignment answer 2022 for this week. Class 6 Assignment Answer for Bangla, English, Math, Science, BGS, Islam, ICT, Agriculture, Physical Education(শারীরিক শিক্ষা), Fine Arts(চারু ও কারুকলা), Kormo O Jibon Mukhi Sikkha(কর্ম ও জীবনমুখী শিক্ষা) is available here. So read this post and download your Class six assignment answer 2022.

Class 6 Assignment

As All the institute in our country has been called off because of Coronavirus. So this time Education Ministry announced the assignment syllabus for all class 6 to 9 students. According to the Education Ministry, The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) published the Class 6 Assignment Syllabus 2022. This is the new study system for class six students as well as other class students.



DSHE authority will publish an every-week assignment syllabus for class six. As they mentioned a total of 21 assignment weeks. According to this, they already starting to publish this week’s assignments. So from here, you can download these Class six assignment Syllabus Questions along with Answers. 

Class Six Assignment Question

As the DSHE authority published class six assignment syllabus question 2022 for all week. Most of you asking us and searching use this Class six assignment question 2022 keyword to find your class assignment syllabus question. So we are here to add this keyword for providing your question answer of this.

Now see below where we added class six assignment syllabus question images, notice all week subject syllabus everything for your convenience. Check below and collect this from here.


If you don’t see these images clearly or not even cant download this syllabus then click the below link to download this. Assignment Syllabus 2022 মাউসি এসাইনমেন্ট সিলেবাস ২০২১

5th Week Class 6 Assignment Solution

Are you looking for your Class 6 5th week Assignment Solution 2022? You can find this post where class six assignment answers of all subjects for all week are given. Preparing assignment class 6 is a very tough job to do. Our young class six students will face many problems when they will start to complete their subject assignment. Because they are very unknown to this assignment word. So in this post, we will help class six students give their assignment answers. As a result, class 6 students will get lots of help from this post to complete their assignment subject.

DSHE authority already published this class assignment syllabus. We here added this assignment class six answer. Anyone can come here and collect assignment answers free of cost. This assignment is a must for all the class six students. So don’t think anything but complete your assignment class. In seven working days, you have to complete your assignment subject and have to submit it to your own school.

Assignment Class 6 Answer

DSHE Assignment Class 6 Answer 2022 you will find here. As many of you use this keyword to find this assignment answer. After the publication of DSHE Assignment 2022. Everybody especially class six students are very excited and afraid about this. Because of Pandemic Education Ministry has no option but gibes this assignment to the students. So now you must do this assignment of your class subject.


We want to say to our beloved class 6 students that, we are here for you to help you with this assignment. Not to worry much about this assignment. Here through this post, you will be able to find class six assignment answers. Download your class 6 assignment answer from the below link. Following this answer, you will be able to complete your assignment answer.

Class 6 Assignment Answer Bangla 5th Week



Click to Download Bangla Answer

৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর বাংলা এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর ৫ম সপ্তাহঃ

Click To Download Answer

English Assignment Answer Class 6


Download from Here

৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণী ইংলিশ এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর

Class 6 Math Assignment Answer


Click to Download

৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণী গণিত এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর

Islam Assignment Answer Class 6


Islam Answer Download

৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণী ইসলাম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর

Class 6 ICT Assignment Answer


ICT Answer Download

৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণী তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি (আই সি টি) এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর

Class 6 BGS Assignment Answer


BGS Answer Class Six

৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণী বাংলাদেশ ও বিশ্বপরিচয় (বিজিএস) এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর

5th Week Class 6 Kormo O Jibonmukhi Sikkha Assignment Answer



Click To Download

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৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর এসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান/উত্তর ২০২১ (সকল সাবজেক্ট)

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