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Pikashow App Free Download: Now-a-day everyone wants to enjoy movies, shows, live telecasts, web series, live football, live cricket, etc free of cost. There are a huge number of online streaming platforms for users. But most of them are paid. Hardly they give an opportunity to the users to enjoy their favorite shows free of cost. Today we will introduce a free app that will provide you with a lot of live tv channel. So you can easily enjoy your favorite shows easily free of cost from this app. This app’s name is Pikashow App. You can easily install this app on your android phone or windows. This app is free to download.

Here we bring the Pikashow App — Free Download 2022 with the latest version v80. Many of you also want to download Pikashow APK — Free Download V79. Today in this post, we will provide you with the free download link to Pikashow App. Stay with us till the end to download this free application from our link.

What Is Pikashow App?

Pika Show is a free app that offers you to enjoy free movies, sports, Web series, Live Tv, etc. It is an android application that will help you to enjoy free video content. You can also enjoy IPL live cricket through this app. So if you are a sports lover, movie lover, or web series lover then you should download this application. A lot of free streaming you will get here to watch. This is why Pikashow App is very popular with people. In all regions, people can access this app to enjoy a lot of entertainment.

This Pikashow app is a great user interface according to the users. As this app is user-friendly, so you will not tense anything about it. You can navigate all the features of this app easily. Many of you also called Pikashow App Picasso Apk to download. But the real name of this is Pikashow App Live Tv.

About Pikashow App

This Pikashow App is very helpful for those who want to enjoy all entertainment like Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, sports, web series, tv series, live tv, streaming tv, etc free of cost. There are many apps you will get on the internet but they will not allow you to enjoy free content. But here Pikashow app is a little different as they offer its users the to watch various video content, live streaming, and live sports without any charge. You don’t need to subscribe to them to enjoy their content. Only you need an internet connection or wifi on your device to watch all their content. Also, users can download content from this app. It is very easy to use. Now let’s go and take a look at this app information below.

Name: Pikashow App

Size: 10 MB

Current Version: v80

Required: Android version 4.4 and above

Developed By: Pikashow Team

Where to get: Google Playstore

Mod Features: On

Cost: Free

Need to subscribe: No (Totally Free)

App Updated on: 7 August 2022

What Is Pikashow Mod Apk?

Many people also want to install a mod version of Pikashow Apk. Pikashow APK Mod free download is also available on the internet. This mod version will allow you to enjoy all the contents without any premium package to buy. Also, the mod version of any app is very easy to use. That’s why most people show a lot of interest in the mod version.

You will never get any ads enjoying any content. Mod version apk is very caring about this to their user. Any user from any region can download the Pikashow APK Mod free. Then they can enjoy their favorite shows without any ads. Some times basic version Pikashow app will not provide you with the great features that will provide by the mod apk. So try to install the mod version of pikashow app to enjoy all your favorite shows or live streaming.

Pikashow App Review

This app is very good for the users with its great user interface. Everyone will love it as its very simple design for its user to find all the features easily. Now-a-day PikaShow App is an alternative app to many paid apps. People like it more than most popular apps that also provide live sports, live tv channels, movies, tv shows, web series, and live streaming. Most importantly this app is free to use. You can get this app on the internet free of cost. One can install this app and watch every content and download it free of cost. All the content is high definition to watch. All the popular tv channels you will get from this app. So it’s a very useful app for everyone.


Pikashow App

Pikashow App Features

There are huge features of this app that will very helpful for you to enjoy all the content of them. If you are a movie lover, web series lover, sports lover, streaming lover, or live tv channels lover then this app will definitely be for you to impress. After the download, you can enjoy all the easy features easily. Some of the features of this Pikashow App are given here. Let’s know about it.

User Friendly

This app is very user-friendly. All the users can run this application without any help from others. All the interface of this app is very easy to use. Navigate buttons are also made according to the users. This app runs very smoothly and very fast. So we believe it will be loved by all.

Free To Use

There will be no need for a subscription to this app to enjoy its content. As it is free to use for everyone. No subscription and additional charges are required for the user. The app will provide you with all the content without any cost.

Watch Live Tv

You can watch live tv channels through this app. There are many channels of entertainment, sports, comedy, etc to enjoy. World Cup, Cricket, Football, News, etc live tv channels are available on this app.

Streaming Content

Users can easily find the streaming content on this app. You can enjoy many ott platform’s contents free of cost like sony liv, zee5, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. You now may be very excited to enjoy this content through this app.

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Live Sports Tv

There are many people who want to enjoy sports like cricket, football, rugby, wrestling, etc. Then this app is for you. As they offer you many sports channels which will telecast live sports.

Pikashow App Latest Version Download

All the days Pikashow App is updated by the developer. So there is an updated version of this Pikashow Apk. You can easily download the updated version v79 or v80 of this app. This app’s latest version is available on the google play store and on the internet on our website. Here on our website we always let you know about the latest version of this Pikashow App Free Download.

So to know the updated information about this Picasso app then follow our website regularly. As we will publish the all information on the new updated version of this app. Also, tell you how to download pikashow app or where to go for download. Now Pikashow App v75, v77, v79, and v80 are available for you to download.

Pikashow App — Free Download

PikaShow App is very popular to watch movies, Live tv, Live sports, Tv series, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Web series, Live streaming, etc. The best thing about this app is it is free to use for everyone. You can enjoy all their video content without any cost. You can enjoy all the live tv channels on just one app. Any time any movies, tv shows, or live streaming is available you will get on this free app. For this, you need to download or install the app from the play store or a particular website. 

Now we will describe how you can download this app easily with just one click also without any charge. This is an article where you can collect all the information about this Picaso app download. There are many ways to download or install this app. But here we will only discuss the easy way to download this app. You can download Pikashow App Apk on your Android, Smartphone, Windows, Mac, and Tablet. So let’s go below and follow our step-by-step process to install this app.

Pikashow App Download Guideline

It is very easy to download or install Pikashow App or Apk on your device. You just need to internet connection on your device then follow our below method. 

  • Go to this website www.apkpure.com
  • Then search on the search bar “Pikashow App
  • You will get it
  • Click on it to download 
  • Install it
  • Now enjoy the app

Note: They will be asked you for some permission to be allowed. You must allow these otherwise they will not permit you to install this application on your device. By pressing the Ok button allow Unknown Sources.

Pikashow APK Download

Pikashow Apk — Download

Most people want to download Pikashow Apk Free Download. As this is a free app to enjoy unlimited video content on just one platform. Almost everyone is very excited to get it quickly. The Apk version of this app is very common and out now for everyone to download and install. No matter if you are an android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Tablet, or Ipad user. You can easily follow our guidelines and download the latest version of this app. We always provide the best way to download any app like Pikashow. So don’t wait anymore but install this app apk version from our website.

The system to download the apk version is the same for all devices. You just need to visit the website we already linked above. Then find the apk version of this app. Click on the download option. It will automatically start to download. Then just follow them to install. Once it finishes then you can enjoy this app.

Pikashow App Wikipedia Download

The Wikipedia version of the Pikashow App is also very popular for all android users. They want to download the Wikipedia version of pikashow app. This is an app for world entertainment like Hollywood, Bollywood movies, tv shows, live streaming, live tv, web series, etc. Anyone can download this app and install it easily following our guidelines to enjoy the best show they want. There is no need to subscribe as this is totally free for all. Users only need an internet connection on their devices to use this app.

Pikashow App Wikipedia Download is the best app to enjoy Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, zee5, Voot, Sonyliv, etc streaming ott platform video content. The only difference between these apps and with pikashow app is they are paid and pikashow is free. All the time pikashow app updates if there is any video content, live streaming, tv series, live ipl, or web series. Pikashow app provides all the movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, comedy, and sports which you can watch or download without any charge.

Pikashow App Download

This app always provides you the unlimited entertainment. There is no content you need to pay to enjoy. All the paid content is totally free to watch and download on your device. If we analyze why this app is very popular the people as we can say because it’s free to use. Also, the user interface is awesome according to the user review. Now You need to download it from the google play store or the internet browser. There are many websites that will offer you to download this app from their website. But we will suggest you download this Pikashow app from our website link. We are always committed to our users to provide the best an authentic way to use any app.

Pikashow App Install Process:

  1. Click on the above link we added
  2. Find the Pikashow App
  3. Click on the download option
  4. Read their terms and condition
  5. Allow third-party apps to download from your setting
  6. Then just install this app and enjoy

Downalod Pikashow App On Android Tv 

If you are an Android Tv user then you can also use this Pikashow App on your android tv. For this, you need to download and install this free app on your android tv. Many of you don’t know the install system of this app on android tv. For them, we have already given the full instructions above. Go there and follow step by step process to install this app.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Pikahsow App

Every app has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pikashow App has also some advantages and disadvantages. Here we will try to discuss with you some advantages & Disadvantages of this app. The best advantage of this app is it is totally free to use for everyone. There is no need to subscribe to enjoy any shows, movies, sports, live tv, etc. But the disadvantage of this app is sometimes it can run contain ads.

But we can say the advantages of this app are big number than disadvantages. Here we listed some advantages of the Pikashow App. So that you can understand this app easily.


  • Free to use
  • Live Tv Channels
  • Movies
  • Tv Series
  • Web Series
  • Live Sports
  • Live Ipl
  • Streaming
  • Easy to use
  • Free download


  • Contain Ads
  • Harmful for device
  • Can Access your other app and information

Is It Safe To Use Pikashow App?

Yes, it is very safe to use. But you have to download this app from our website or any trusted website. Otherwise many fake pikashow app is available that will harm your device. You always need to search for a trusted website like us to collect it. So we assure you that Pikashow App Free Download from our website is very much safe.


You may already understand about this Pikashow App & how to download apk or install it on your device. As we have given here step-by-step guidelines to download and install this app. After installing this Pikashow App, you can enjoy paid entertainment like movies, sports, tv series, live tv, and streaming free of cost. High-quality ott platform video content you will get without any charge on this free app.

Remember this application always getting changed by new versions. So as a user you must check out the updated version. And here on our website, we always provide the updated version of this app. So keep your eyes on our website for updated information on this app. Pikashow App Free Download link you will get on our website. If you have any questions about this app then make a comment below this post. We will surely reply to you with the best answer. 

Thanks for visiting our website. If you like our website then don’t forget to bookmark it on your device browser.










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