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10 Minute School Blog is mainly educational, inspirational, and motivational website. Where you can learn many educational things, can get inspiration for anything. This is not only an Education related blog but also other things of the practical life of our related subject blog.

This blog publishes many important things in our practical life related, which things we don’t think to do or maintain. They give us these things to review to us to do and succeed in our life. This online school publishes lots of articles or posts about this important subject.

They teach us we should do these things or works in our lives. If we want to achieve the success of everywhere. You can learn many things about reading this website article. We here discuss all the things about this popular blog site in Bangladesh.

If you want to learn anything which you need in your practical life can follow this 10 Minute School blog website for sure. So, let’s go and discuss this blog site.


10 Minute School

10 Minute School or Robi 10 Minute School is a virtual educational platform in Bangladesh. Which created by a student of Dhaka University Name Ayman Sadiq. He is an IBA student of Dhaka University. 

Ayman Sadiq is a Success full Entrepreneur now time in our country. He achieved many prizes and respect not only Bangladesh but also from many other countries. One of the prizes he achieved from The British queen called Rani 2nd Elizabeth in London.

This 10 Minute School started their journey mainly in the year of 2014. But the year 2015 is the main official journey they started. Before it, they took classes only over Youtube. They create their educational video and later upload it to their Youtube channel. But now they reach almost every virtual platform or social platform. Also a very popular online education platform in our country. This school gives education-related videos at free of cost. Many people tell this as an online school or institute.

This online school takes classes of class 1-12 academic session. According to the Bangladesh Education System, they cover all the syllabus of these classes. This school also created many videos and take an online class about University Admission includes a different branch subject study, SSC class subjects video, HSC class subjects video, also has many model tests, many libraries of videos, English learning videos, job-related videos, Skill development training of various software, etc. There is almost 13 lakh Member who maintains these live classes.


They upload many videos, taking many live online classes. They took classes almost 2 million even more students every day in their live classes. 

This 10-minute school website published 19440+ videos, 1114+ smart-books which anyone read on the internet, 49530+ content quizzes, also produced 1300+ blog posts on their blog website till now.

Robi 10 Minute School

Many people don’t know why 10-minute school’s name is Robi 10 minute school. So in this topic, we discuss this question.

When this school started their journey they firstly not manage to a sponsor site. As they suffer a little bit about sponsorship. And that time Robi Axiata which is a telecom operator agree to give this school sponsorship.

Since then, this school’s name is Robi 10 Minute School. As mostly knows as 10 Minute schools. This is the reason behind this Robi name title of their school.

10 Minute School

10 Minute School Instructor Team photo


10 Minute School SSC

This online school took a lot of classes over many social platforms for their students. They also uploaded many educational videos on their website include all kinds of class subjects.

One of them is the Ssc exam all subject class. They took Ssc live class and also uploaded many videos of this Ssc level exam class.

Many students search on the internet using this keyword of 10-minute school SSC to find their SSC subjects classes. Students want to learn their SSC all subjects through the internet.

For their convenience, we below provide a link where Any SSC students click and go their official website to participate in their desire SSC class.

SSC All Subjects Class Video

Click the above link and enjoy your SSC class.


10 Minute School App

This online school has lots of videos bases on education, extra curriculum, creativity, inspirational or motivational videos, English learning videos, admission videos, many books library. And also other important topic videos.

They have a website on their own. But they have also an app called 10-minute school app on google play store. They provide all the videos and other things on this app.

One can easily download this app and get all the convenience of this school online at free of cost. Below we provide a link which you need to click and you can able to download this school app. Let’s download this app.

10 Minute School App Download


10 Minute School Math

Many students want to do a class in math. For this, they search on google with this keyword. Now we are going to tell you about this topic.

This online school has lots of videos about many subjects. Math is one of them. This live school has many quality teachers who teach students about these subjects.

There are math class videos also available on their website or App. You can go to their website or can install their app for doing your math class. Click the below link and find your math class videos of their online school.

10 Minute School Math Class Download

10 Minute School Math


10 Minute School Class 1 to 12

Robi online school has lots of video classes in class 1 to 12 classes. You need to go to their website and have to select your class which you want to do class.

Check the above link we provide of this online school website. Click and enjoy your desire class.


10 Minute School English

Many find an English class or want to learn the English Language through this online school. Good news for you people that this school provides and teach you English.

If you are looking to do English class then you have a great chance to learn English free of cost visiting their website and doing live class download.

So, don’t wait for it anymore. Go to their website from our website link we provide above. Check link. Enjoy your English class.

10 Minute School English


10 Minute School Class 7

This online school published many class videos. They also created videos and publish videos of class 7. If you want to do class 7 class then you need to visit their website from the above link of this post. We provide the link.

You can download your class 7 videos free of cost. Let’s download and enjoy your class.


10 Minute School Live Class Routine 2020

Here is the routine of this online school. Check below and doing your online class according to this routine.

For the update, routine Let us know and wait for the next update. Keep visiting our website.

 Class Routine of Live class 2020



Hope you understand all the things about this online school. We give you all the information about this school. Hope you enjoy it. 

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