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Movement Pass Police Gov BD Application. Are you want to know about this Movement Pass Application Gov BD 2021 in detail? Then you are in the right place to collect all the information about this Apply For Movement Pass(মুভমেন্ট পাসের আবেদন). As the Government of Bangladesh announced a new way to get out of the house going out of the house during this lockdown. People of Bangladesh do not take seriously this Lockdown and going out from home for no reason. As a result, Coronavirus spread a lot all over the country. So to stop this, Bangladesh Police launches an app for emergency movement pass. They launce it at Rajarbag Police Lines Auditorium on13th April 2021.


The Government of Bangladesh is very serious and they want to protect against this pandemic so they have introduced us to a new system to get out from our home. From now on if you want to go out then you have to apply for this movement pass. Without any emergency services, no one can go out during this lockdown. So movement pass is very important for ours now a time. In this post, we are going to discuss How to Apply for this Movement Pass. Read this full post and know about the movement pass application police gov bd.



About Police Movement Pass BD

Many of you asking us what is about Police Movement Pass BD? We are here to reply to you with all these questions answer. Police Movement Pass is one kind of law that will permit you to go out for only any emergency services. They also published an app related to this. is the official website of them to take permit by doing the online application. During this lockdown, people should have stayed at home. But they are not doing this and for no reason, they got out from home. As a result, this pandemic increase more and more. So for protecting this, the Bangladesh government takes necessary steps to stop people go out without any emergency works.


You have not to pay for this if you want to do online registration for a movement pass. How you can do registration and what is the benefit of doing this is the question of many. We here also going to discuss it below. Check detail from there.


Muvment Pass BD 

The reason behind add this keyword is many of you also use this keyword which is not correct. We know you want to know about the detailed information of Movement Pass Police Gov BD. But many of you use the wrong spelling which is Muvment. The exactly correct word is Movement. However, you can also find this post of our using this wrong spelling Muvment. Movement pass police gov bd is a new process to go out for the emergency services. By doing this online application, you may go out which is totally legal. It means you have the permission of Bangladesh Police to go out but it will issue only for any emergency services.


Bangladesh Police will of course check your Movement Pass BD registration copy when you will go out. Then you have no problem with an outing during this lockdown. But remember without Movement Pass you may face lots of problems with the Bangladesh Police. So be careful and use the right way of this Corona Lockdown Movement Pass Police Gov BD.


How To Apply For Movement Pass Police Gov BD?

This is the Main and all-important question or part of this Police Movement Pass BD. As from now on, we need to Police Movement Pass to go out for any emergency work. But many people don’t know how to apply for this Police Movement Pass. So here now we are going to discuss this. Because this Movement pass is very important for us to go out. It can be said that this is very much mandatory to know the whole application process of this Movement Pass.

Read the whole article to know this application process which is online. মুভমেন্ট পাসের আবেদনের নিয়মঃ

Rules of Applying Movement Pass:


  • Firstly go to this website or you can also download the movement pass app from the play store.
  • Then you will see a movement pass apply button. Click on it. (See below image)
  • movement-pass-police-gov-bd
  • After clicking the above button, now you can see an interface where you have to provide your Phone number. Then have to click I am not a robot captcha. 
  • Then Click the Submit Button.
  • Your application completed. Now you have to download or print using the scanner of this online movement pass copy.
  • Because later when you will go out, this online copy will be checked by the Police.



What Will Need For Register Movement Pass?

For doing an online application of this Movement Pass you will need the below things or information.

  • Your Name
  • Which place you want to go to (Name)
  • Your Ages
  • Which Gender you are(include your gender)
  • The reason behind your journey
  • Date and Time of your movement pass
  • The deadline date of your pass
  • Your Image, identification
  • If you want to use your identification, then you can use the National Id Card, Birth Certificate, Driving License, Passport, and Student Id.


In Cases Where Movement Pass is Required:

Now at a glance look where you need this movement pass. This is very important.

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Raw Materials
  • Purchase of Medicine
  • Medical
  • Agriculture
  • Employment
  • Transformation Goods
  • Relief Distribution
  • Supply of Goods
  • Tourism
  • Wholesale/Retail Purchase
  • Business
  • Other important reasons


What is the Result If You Don’t Use this Movement Pass and Go Out? 

  • If you don’t take or without take this movement pass and go out then you may be asked by the Police anywhere outside the home.
  • Bangladesh Police will have the right to give you any kind of Punishment.
  • They can be fined you.
  • Also can torture you in different ways.
  • At last, you may be sent back home by them.

So we recommend you to apply for this Movement Pass and have a safe journey for any emergency services you need. Otherwise, you will be insulted by the Bangladesh Police.

Last Word About Movement Pass-

Use this Police Movement Pass Application and go out for emergency services. Also, you should wear a mask. Happy safe Journey.

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