New MPO List 2023 ( MPO Sheet 2023 July)

MPO List 2023 for the School, College, Madrasah, and Vocational level is available here on our website. We here uploaded all the images, pdf files, and other documents information of the MPO record 2023. You will get here also the teacher MPO listing in no time. Not only this you can also collect information about MPO Notice 2023, MPO News 2023, DSHE MPO, Online MPO list 2023 College, MPO October list 2023, MPO September list 2023, and MPO list pdf 2023 Bangladesh.

For your convenience, we also added here School MPO List 2023. So it is very easy to find your teacher’s MPO notice from here and collect all the MPO-related information. We here every day updated all the information on this MPO.

MPO List 2023

All the level of MPO record 2023 is published here on our website as well as the authority’s website. We collect all the information about this MPO catalog 2023 from the official website. Then we published this here on our website this information in an easy and gateable format for you. You will be able to collect all your information about this New MPO 2023 from here by reading this post.


The authority of the DSHE (Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education) is responsible to release all the information about this MPO catalog for School, college, and madrasah levels. About two thousand and seven hundred thirty (2730) educational institutions across our country are going to add under this MPO this year according to New Mpo Notice 2023.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced at a press conference that their government is glad to bring all educational institutions under a pay scale monthly through this Mpo.


According to the ministry, this year July is set to activate this pay order of this MPO. As far as we know there are about 1,651 educational institutions including schools and colleges are getting listed on this MPO tally. If we talk about the exact number of education institutions, then there is about 557 madrasah and a total of 522 technical and vocational institute is also added to this list of MPO monthly pay order.

Teacher MPO List 2023 PDF

The MPOs Notification by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education enlists 489 junior secondary schools. This means that this MPO Project runs start from class VI to class VIII. Among the total 995 secondary schools from VI to X. Higher Secondary Schools about 68, colleges about 93 start from XI to XII, and also 56 Degree Colleges start from XIII to XV.


Not only the school and college but also a total of 557 madrasahs have been included in this MPO list this year. Among this list, there are 357 Dakhil institutes, Kamil institutes are 29, 42 institutes are from Fazil Degree and also 128 are from Alim Institutes.

There are also many vocational Technical institutes in this New MPO list 2023. Among them this number of 522 for the technical and vocational institutes. Even there are also some other institutes like Agriculture Institute 62, Independent Vocational Institutes 48, Affiliated Vocational Institutes 129, BM Independent Institutes 175, and BM Affiliated Institutes 108.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned all these enlists of MPOs to the authority. So that this list of MPOs remains permanent in the MPOs System.

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education 2023

The Secondary and Higher Education authority will make sure of the quality of this current Educational System. Some information to send them and some information may be taught by these all educational institutes to teach with polite.

The authority will monitor how improvement is going in these educational institutes’ teaching methods. Because the authority needs to sure spread all the places to quality education. If any other corruption, they found from this secondary and higher education. Then they will take action against them and kick them out of this MPOs list.


All students should study hard and as well as every institute should make sure that they provide all the needed instruments for students. These Educational Institutes also look out at every year’s student exam results. And these results will have to be good.

MPO 2023 http://

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education is going to make sure every possible way to keep going and improve their quality of education. They are very serious about this and keep changing before step and implementing nowadays very good steps compare to before.

The authority wants to accomplish the Millenium Development Goal (MDG) 2015. They are going to work according to this MDG 2015. They keep changing to improve all the addresses, prevalent schools, and so on other things.

২০২০-২০২১ অর্থবছরের নির্বাচিত বেসরকারী শিক্ষা প্রতিষঠাণ সুমুহের এম.পি.ও ভূক্তি তালিকা দেখুন এখানে


New MPO List for College, School, madrasah 2023

It’s good news for teachers that again Two thousand and thirty-two (2032) school and madrasah teachers are going to enlist in this MPO Recorded. Among them, 1516 teachers are off school levels, and 516 teachers and employees are from college levels who are decided to include in this MPO. These teachers and employees join many institutes and then apply to include in MPO.


Wednesday in a virtual meeting of Secondary and higher education decided to enroll these teachers and employees in MPO. Officials who joined this meeting has confirmed this news in various newspaper like




Several officials who were in the meeting told that, among 1516 schools teachers and employees 60 people are from the Barisal area, 102 people from the Chittagong area, 117 people from the Comilla area, 243 people from the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka, 187 people are from the Khulna area, 209 people are from the Mymensingh area, 195 people from the Rajshahi area, 267 people from the Rangpur area, and from the area of Sylhet the number is about 136 people.


At the college level of 516 teachers and employees, the Barisal area people are 25, Chittagong area people are 21, Comilla area people are 2, Dhaka area is 61, Khulna area is 50, Mymensingh area is 08, Rajshahi area is 174, Rangpur area is 166, and Sylhet area people are 09. Remind you these all numbers are from different regions include of Teachers and employees.

MPOs of Selected Private Educational Institutions (Secondary Level) In The Financial Year 2009-10 

From here on our website, you will find and see your MPO Result very quickly and easily. If you want to see your MPO Result from the MPO server then it might be difficult or even sometimes impossible to find your MPO result. Because this time MPO server is very loaded on its while everybody wants to get into this to see their result.


So, for your convenience, we here on our website uploaded all the MPO recorded result images, in pdf file format. Also, we updated here every day about new notices and any new information related to this MPO.

Just take a look below and read this full post to see this MPO result. We here described the school, college, madrasah, and technical level MPO Status. Check below for its pictures. I hope you will be able to understand all things about this.

New MPO Dakhil madrasah List 2023

Are you want to see your Madrasah MPO List 2023? Then you are on the right track. Through this post, you will be able to find your Madrasah MPO 2023 and can see it from here. The Madrasah MPO is available here on our website with a different type of view in detail. 


If you want to see your madrasah MPO record and want Madrasah MPO’s online application, this post will very much help you. From here you will collect all the information related to this MPO for all years and months.



You here find here about Schools, Colleges, Madrasahs, and Technical Institutions MPO Result record. In the above picture, you will get only information about Madrasah which is included dakhil and ebtediya. 

To Find your Institute name just find out Madrasah’s Name from the above picture. We hope you got your result and related information about this MPO Topic. For more information about the Online list check below the topic and read carefully. You can also able to discover many new things about this MPO.


New MPO List PDF

Many of you finding a NEW MPO Record PDF File. For your convenience, we also added this MPO PDF Format which you can download easily on your device. The authority gives exact information about this NEW MPO 2023.

Below we provide a download link to this MPO PDF File. You just need to click on the link and download it to see this. Remember without a download one can not able to see this PDF File.


Every day the education ministry updates this MPO information for the primary, school, college, madrasah, and technology on their website. According to them we also update all this information about this MPO Record on our website regularly. 

So, from here you can download this MPO record and see this on our website. We here provide you with the exact valuable information about this MPO topic. Our source is very authentic and safe for all of you to collect real information. Moreover, you can also check your MPO notice information from the official website here


Why are you waiting to see your MPO information here?

Online MPO List

The MPO Record 2023 and 2023 PDF MPO are available here on our website with a variety of information. We provide here all the correct and valuable information lists of this MPO which will help you to find your MPO Record. Which information we provide here, no website can give you the exact information of this MPO except the official website of the authority.


We said before once that all the information, and lists we collect from the official website of the authority. So, you can’t find here any news which is false or irrelevant. We always follow the official sources to make a post about any informational post or article here. And we very much assure you that if you find this information about MPO then this post is the only solution for you to collect all this related information.


We here have given all the MPO-related information images, pdf file format, and download link. You can click this link and can easily download this information list. Want to check your Online MPO List then you can check here. All you need to do is just click the below link and it will provide you with a new page where you find the list of this MPO for Schools, College, Madrasah, and Technical.


Remember this seems to be the end but actually, it’s not. There is also some talking with your remain. Here on our website we always update new information about any related MPO news, Notices, monthly news, and notices 2023-2023. For getting all this monthly, yearly and any updated news keep visiting this website. You will find all news, and the information here when the authority released a notice related to this MPO.


Generally Every year in January, February, and March you must check the update notice on this MPO record schools and colleges here.

MPO April 2023 Sheet PDF

The Secondary and Intermediate authority has published the Online MPO notice 2023 for April month. So from here check your school MPO salary.

According to this notice, Now, all the teacher can collect their march month 2023 salary. They can collect their salary from the Janata, Rupali, Agrani, and Sonali banks in June 2023. From here you will find all district school & college MPO sheet pdf versions. As we added this for you here on our website. So take a look at this list and download all information.

MPO April Sheet Download 2023

Download MPO Eid-Ul-Fitur Bonus May 2023

MPO May Notice 2023

MPO Notice 2023 May has been published by the authority. A total of 8 Checks have been given to the Bank of Agrani, Sonali, Rupali & Janata. From now on, you will be able to withdraw the salary money for the month of 2023 from the concerned bank by 7/6/2023.


All MPO Notice 2023

Paying a monthly salary from Government is very good news for all the institute’s Teachers. Before it, teachers paid from their respective institutes. This is a brave step from the Bangladesh Government that they enlist most of the educational institutes to their MPO. 

For this, all the teachers who are a few months’ age displaying for this MPO are pleased now. Even the teachers of this who are wanted for MPO making hunger strikes and some teachers get injured. 

At last, they are very happy to listen to this notice about MPO.



MPO October 2023 Sheet PDF

The secondary and Intermediate Board of Bangladesh authority published its October month Online MPO Notice 2023. Below we give this MPO notice for October 2023 images. check this below.


All these teachers can collect their march month salary from the bank of Agrani, Rupali, Janata, and Sonali in June 2023. From here download the March MPO Sheet 2023 easily without hard work. You will find here in this list all the Schools, Colleges, and Madrasah lists for the month of March. You will find all the Online MPO Records here with a complete document.

MPO October Sheet 2023 Download 


এমপিওভুক্তির -জন্য-আবেদন -(বেসরকারি-স্কুল)


এমপিওভুক্তির-জন্য-আবেদন-(বেসরকারি -মাদ্রাসা)


এমপিওভুক্তির-জন্য-আবেদন-(বেসরকারি -কলেজ)

Online MPO List March 2023

The MPO authority released its online MPO record for the month of March 2023. You can easily check and download this march MPO 2023 from the below link we provide.

Here you find all the records for School and Colleges MPO. Go and check.


Online MPO March 2023 Download


MPO List 2023 August 2023

People searching to get the MPO List PDF for August month 2023. So here is this for you. It is already published by the Secondary and Intermediate Board Bangladesh. You can go to to download MPO Sheet PDF for August 2023. MPO August 2023 Notice has been updated on our website.

Conclusion: Hope you find all your information related to this Online MPO List. For more updated information related to this then please keep visiting this BD NEW Results website of ours regularly. We will give you all the updated news information here. Thanks.

















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