PUBG Report – Featured Apps Spotlight Lets You Know Every time You kill A Streamer

Want to check or Know about PUBG Report for kills caught on video by streamers? Also want to know how to report a player in PUBG (PlyerunknownBattlegrounds) game. As many of you also want to know the method of how to report a hacker in PUBG. Here we come with all these question answers for you. Read this full post and collect information about this.



PUBG Report

PUBG Report is an important topic for all the PUBG lovers in the world. Are you want to know about the report a player method in the games. Then welcome. Because you are in the right place to collect information. In this post, we are going to discuss the report system in this PUBG game. From this post, you will also able to know how to report a player in PUBG as well as a hacker.


But to know this one must read this full post. Because we here will discuss all way how you can use to report a player in this game easily. Also one can able to know when he kills a player on video by streames. So this might be the post for you from which you will get the right information. And this will help you to understand all of these questions.



Report A Player In PUBG

Most PUBG lovers want to know about this player report system. As when they got an issue with a player in this game. They desperately want to report him/her. Here is the method of how you can report them in an easy way. There is some way using you can complete player report. Go below and check these methods. We have here given a step-by-step method. But first, you need to know the full rules of Conduct then you can report a player according to this.


PUBG Rules Of Conduct

If you are a PUBG player then you should know this. If you want to report a player then you must follow these rules. Remember it may change at any time. We are not responsible for this but for PUBG authority. Now go below and check the full rules.

  • Do not use any bad or discriminative language
  • Do not make any threads
  • And not to harras anybody by your word or anything
  • Do not spam


  • Do not cheat
  • It is not allowed to use a third-party app or something like that
  • Do not share your account. It is only for you to use

PUBG Report for Kills Caught On Video By Streames

Now all can check Pubg report for kills caught on video by streames. As authority published a spotlight apps. Which is an awesome app created by one of the PUBG API community developers. This website will help you to learn more things about this. It is a totally free service by the authority that will give you. If a player kills you and the player in streames mode then you can see this reaction using this new app. If you learn and use these features then you have good news.



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