Short Syllabus For SSC 2023 All Subject PDF Download

Today Education Ministry Dr. Dipu Moni published the Short Syllabus For SSC 2023 exam in Bangladesh. That means the SSC exam will be held according to the new syllabus instead of the full syllabus. SSC students have to follow this new syllabus which is applicable to their all subjects. Also, Education Ministry released the Short Syllabus For HSC 2023 All Subject PDF Download. So as an SSC student, you have to follow this new updated syllabus of SSC 2023 to take the full preparation. Here on our website, we published the SSC Short Syllabus of All Subjects PDF. Does not matter if you want SSC Short Syllabus Science, Short syllabus of SSC Commerce, SSC Short Syllabus Arts (Humanities). Then you can find it on our website. To download all subject SSC Class 10 short syllabus 2023 pdf, you must read this full article carefully.


SSC 2023 Short Syllabus for all subjects pdf means education authority will take the exam according to this short syllabus which is given by them. We already received this short SSC Syllabus exam. And for your convenience here we going to publish it. According to the new notice of the Higher Secondary and Education Ministry that they are going to take the SSC 2023 exam with all subjects full marks. But they just reduce some chapters for the students to complete their current syllabus for the upcoming exam.

SSC Short Syllabus 2023

We believe you are SSC 2023 exam candidates. Because you here and reading us this article which is about SSC short syllabus, English, SSC 2022 short syllabus, Short syllabus math, SSC 2023 news, 2023 SSC exam date, 2023 SSC short syllabus science, SSC 2022 short syllabus all subject. So you now may be very happy to see that your SSC 2023 syllabus is short from now by the Education Ministry. Before this, the SSC Syllabus of 2023 was a very long and full syllabus. Students may face a lot of problems completing the full syllabus for their 2023 exam. This is why authorities have now decided that they will take the exam according to their new SSC Short syllabus 2023. As a student of SSC, now you need to collect this recent short syllabus online. For you here we published Short Syllabus All Subjects PDF.


SSC 2023 Short Syllabus All Subject PDF Download

Now SSC Short Syllabus 2023 exam is a hot topic. Every class of 10 students wants to download the new updated Short Syllabus PDF. For them here we upload the pdf format of the Short Syllabus All subject to download. You need to collect it from our website as well as the official website of the authority. After downloading the Syllabus PDF, you need to study according to the new syllabus of it. Here in this new syllabus, you will find all subject short syllabus for science, humanities & business studies (Commerce). So go below and download your Short syllabus for all subject pdf.


বাংলা ১ম পত্র (Bangla 1st Paper)

বাংলা দ্বিতীয় পত্র (Bangla 2nd Paper)

ইংরেজি প্রথম পত্র (English 1st Paper)

ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র (English 2nd Paper)

গণিত (Mathematics)


বাংলাদেশ ও বিশ্বপরিচয় (Bangladesh & Global Studies)

জীববিজ্ঞান (Biology)

রসায়ন (Chemistry)

পদার্থবিজ্ঞান (Physics)

উচ্চতর গণিত (Higher Math)

পৌরনীতি (Civics)


অর্থনীতি (Economics)

ব্যবসায় উদ্যোগ (Business Entrepreneurship)

কর্ম ও জীবনমুখী শিক্ষা (Career Education)

হিসাববিজ্ঞান (Accounting)

ফিন্যান্স এন্ড ব্যাংকিং (Finance & Banking)

ভূগোল ও পরিবেশ (Geography & Environment)

কৃষিশিক্ষা (Agriculture)

চারু ও কারুকলা (Arts & Crafts)

ইতিহাস (History)

গার্হস্থ্য বিজ্ঞান (Home Science)

তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি (ICT)

শারীরিক শিক্ষা (Physical Education)

বিজ্ঞান (Science)

ইসলাম ধর্ম এবং নৈতিক শিক্ষা (Islam)

হিন্দু ধর্ম নৈতিক শিক্ষা (Hindu)

খ্রিস্টান ধর্ম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা (Khiristo Religion)

বৌদ্ধ ধর্ম এবং নৈতিক শিক্ষা (Buddhist Religion)


SSC New Syllabus 2023

We have already provided you with the New Short syllabus. Now you have to follow this above your all subject SSC Short syllabus and study according to it. Every student wants to do well in the exam. But many of them don’t follow their study plan or syllabus. As a result, they read those which are not important to them. They just waste their valuable time but at the end of the day, they don’t gather the knowledge that is needed for them to do well in an exam like SSC. Here we discuss the Short syllabus for 2023. You need to collect all our given information and start your study according to this information. If any students follow this news SSC syllabus then surely he/she will perform better in the upcoming exam. By following this article, candidates can prepare themselves strongly for the board exam.

Short Syllabus For SSC 2023 Science

Science group SSC candidates want to download their recent short syllabus for the SSC exam. So for them, we here decide to publish the short syllabus of the Science group SSC. If you are a student of the science group of SSC then go below and download your SSC all subject short syllabus pdf file. This post will very helpful for you. As we posted this for the students of SSC candidates which will be held in 2023. SSC Science group all subjects are chemistry, biology, physics, and higher math along with the compulsory subjects. Science group students need to finish the chapter which is given here in this new short syllabus. Many chapters are reduced by publishing this short syllabus. You just study more and more to complete this new SSC syllabus. SSC Short Syllabus Science is available here on our website to download the pdf file.

SSC 2023 Short Syllabus Business Studies

Accounting, Business Ent., Finance, and Banking are the subjects of the SSC Short syllabus for Business groups or commerce groups. As a Candidate from the Business group, you need to read this subject according to this new short syllabus. We hope you have already downloaded this SSC new Syllabus for all subjects of the Business group. And don’t waste any time which is very valuable for you now. Remember if you study according to this short syllabus then you will be able to get good marks. Your good result is just on the way for you.

SSC 2023 Short Syllabus Humanities

You can download the SSC Short syllabus Humanities or arts group pdf file. Education authority published the SSC Short Syllabus all subject pdf through their official website. We also let you know the pdf file link where you have to click to download your below subject new update short syllabus.


Home Science





Arts and Craft

Bangladesh and Global Studies

Geography and Environment


Physical Education

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