SSC Assignment 2022 1st 2nd 3rd Week Answer for SSC Class 10 Exam 2021

SSC Assignment 2021 Answer for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd week question pdf has been published by the DSHE authority. Are you a student of this SSC class 10 and a candidate for this year’s exam then this post is all about your assignment. As Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education gives SSC 2021 Assignment for the SSC 2021 examination. Through this post, you will get your SSC Assignment 2021 1st, 2nd & 3rd Week Answer along with the question. Authority released SSC Class 10 2021 assignment for the SSC candidates. Here we are going to publish this SSC 1st, 2nd & 3rd week assignment question along with answers for the 2021 SSC exam. Read this full post and collect the SSC batch 2021 assignment question 1st week solution.


See- SSC 3rd Week Assignment Answer 2021 PDF Download All Subject

SSC 2021 assignment for the Science, Humanities & Business group has been published for SSC Exam 2021 assignment. So this post will help you to collect your SSC New assignment 2021 of the short syllabus. As we here uploaded Class 10 assignment 2021 SSC exam. Let’s go below and check it out.



SSC Assignment 2021

A new notice regarding SSC 2021 assignment for the SSC exam 2021 is published. In this notice, authorities announced they will release a total of 32 assignments in 12 weeks. And all the SSC class 10 students need to complete a total of 24 assignments without their 4th subject on their group-based. Authority mentioned that there is no need to prepare any optional subject assignment for the students. Already DSHE authority released the 1st 2nd 3rd week SSC assignment 2021 question. You will get here this SSC 2021 assignment answer along with the question.




So now it’s time for the SSC Candidates 2021 to collect this weekly assignment and completed it. Directory of Secondary and Higher Education will publish 2 subject assignments each week. Read this full post and download the 2021 SSC Assignment question PDF answer from here.


SSC Exam Assignment 2021 Week Plan

SSC Class 10 assignment 2021 for the SSC 2021 exam has been published on the official website as well as our website. Class 9 SSC assignment is available here on our website with its full week plan syllabus. Because DSHE authority published 2021 SSC Exam candidates assignment syllabus for 1st 2nd 3rd week and rest of week. Here we attached the SSC assignment syllabus for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th weeks. As we here also provide the SSC 2021 assignment question along with the answer.




SSC Assignment 2021 Subject for the SSC exam 2021

Now may you have a question in your mind that which subject you need to complete for this SSC 2021 assignment exam. So we here going to also clear this question of yours. Here we added the all subject name which you need to prepare for this Class 10 assignment 2021. You just select your Group subject assignment from our list. Because we don’t know which group you are from. So we here added SSC Science, Humanities & Business group assignment subject name.


SSC Science Group Subject Assignment List:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology/Higher Math

Humanities Group SSC Subject Assignment List:

  1. History and World Civilization
  2. Geography and Environment
  3. Economics/Civics

SSC Business Group Subject Assignment List:

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Entrepreneurship
  3. Finance and Banking


SSC Candidates Assignment 2021

This assignment is for the SSC class 10 students for their SSC 2021 exam. All the SSC 2021 exam candidates need to prepare for this assignment. Already authority published the full weekly assignment syllabus question and also give guidelines. If you are a student of this class then you must complete this assignment task in time. Here we also come with the all details information you should know about this assignment. So don’t skip any lines of this post. We will also provide you the assignment question answer here through this post. Stay with us and read this post till the end.



SSC Assignment 2021 Answer

Now it’s time to talk about some words about the SSC assignment 2021 answer pdf. You may already know through this post or from other sources that SSC 2021 assignment question weekly has been published by the Education Authority. Now you may be looking for the assignment answer to this. Don’t excite or worry too much. Because we here come with your SSC assignment answer 2021 for all subjects.


1st week SSC assignment answer, 2nd week SSC assignment answer, 3rd week SSC assignment answer, and rest week assignment answer you will find here on our website along with the question. Every week DSHE authority will publish a new 2 subject assignment for the class 10 students. You have to come here and collect each week’s assignment question answer.


SSC Assignment 2021 Question PDF Download

You may now be looking for the SSC assignment 2021 question to see or download in pdf format. So we decide here to upload this assignment question for you. We also provide the full question images version below. But from here one can easily able to download the full assignment questions in pdf format. To download this assignment question go below and click on the given link. Once you click on the link it will automatically start to download.

Click to Download SSC Assignment Question



1st Week SSC Assignment 2021 of SSC Exam 

SSC Assignment exam 2021 for the 1st week has been published today. From here you can easily able to collect 1st week SSC class 10 assignment questions along with the answer. Go below and check the full assignment question.

SSC 1st Week Assignment Subject:

  1. History of Bangladesh and World Civilization
  2. Physics
  3. Business Entrepreneurship
  4. Economics
  5. Biology
  6. Finance and Banking

History of Bangladesh and World Civilization Assignment:


Physics Assignment:

Business Entrepreneurship Assignment:

Biology Assignment:


Finance and Banking Assignment:






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