English Grammar and Composition Class 6 – Narrate Your Experience there in 200 Words Answering the Following Question

From this post, you will get your English Grammar Composition Class 6 Narrate Your Experience in 200 Words.


HW: (Home Work) for class 6 English Grammar and Composition Unit 8: Punctuation and Capitalization Activity 1, 2, 3 HW: Have You ever visited a Railway station and or/a bus station? How are they Similar or Dissimilar? Narrate Your Experience There in 200 Words Answering the following question.


  1. When did you go there?
  2. Who accompanied You?
  3. Why did you go there?
  4. What did you see there?
  5. What was very interesting to you?
  6. What didn’t you like that match?

Add some visuals that support your ideas.

You need to write about these things for this English assignment of class 6. Your respective school subject teacher will analyze your proper use of punctuation in the paragraph, What idea you put there, Paragraph writing content, spelling, sentence making, communication, grammar, formatting, what kind of language you use, etc things.

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