GP SMS Pack 30 Days 2022 | 500 SMS 5 TK | 200 SMS 2 TK Code দেখুন

There are many people who looking for the GP SMS Pack 30 Days 2022. For them here we come up with the new post. Today in this post we will talk about the Grameen-phone 500 SMS Pack for 30 days at 5 Taka and the 200 SMS Pack for 30 days at 2 Taka. A lot of GP customers buy SMS packs every day. Also, there are many who want to buy an SMS pack but don’t get the ideal pack. Many of them don’t know the proper way to buy GP SMS Pack with Code. So we decide we will help those customers who want to buy GP SMS Pack by dialing its code. By dialing USSD Code, everyone can easily buy GP SMS Pack.


Most of the time people will find low budget SMS Pack for GP SIM. You will get GP low-price SMS pack code on our website as well as the Grameen-phone official website. GP SMS Offer for 30 Days 2022 code is available here for the customer who is searching to get. Remember, any day Grappenphone officials can change the SMS pack days and charge. They have the right power to change any GP SMS Pack Offer. As they always update GP SMS Pack Offer for the customer. Now go to the below where we discussed GP SMS Pack Code Offer 2022 of 5 tk 500 SMS & 2 tk 200 SMS in Bangladesh.

GP SMS Pack 30 Days 2022


You are here so that you looking for the GP SMS Pack for 30 days. Then you are in the right place to get a code to activate this GP SMS Pack. Everyone who wants to buy an SMS package needs to collect an activation code. Without this, no one will buy an SMS pack. Here is your GP SMS Pack 30 Days Activation Code we provide on our website. Grameenphone authority always updated the SMS pack price and days. So before buying any GP SMS Offer or pack one should check the information in detail. For them here we have given the full list of GP SMS Pack Offer prices and activation codes.


GP SMS Pack:

SMS Pack: ——– Price ——– Activation Code ——– Validity

25 SMS                       02 TK                   *121*1015*2#                   3 Days

50 SMS                       02 TK         “S3” Type to send 8426           3 Days

100 SMS (GP to GP)   07 TK                  *121*1015*1#                     4 Days

50 SMS                       07 TK                       Flexiplan                       30 Days

100 SMS                      10 TK                      Flexiplan                        30 Days

200 SMS                      16 TK                     Flexiplan                        30 Days

200 SMS                      12 TK                      Flexiplan                        07 Days

300 SMS                      20 TK                     Flexiplan                        30 Days

300 SMS                       16 TK                     Flexiplan                        07 Days  

500 SMS                       26 TK                     Flexiplan                        30 Days

500 SMS                        22 TK                     Flexiplan                        07 Days

Most of the GP Meesege Pack Offer, you will see on GP Flexiplan APP. If you want a cheap rate price SMS pack then you should download the Flexi-plan from the play store and use it to buy any GP SMS pack with your choosable validity. It will give you the cheapest rate price for an SMS pack.

How To Check GP SMS Balance?

After buying the SMS Pack, many people don’t know how to check GP SMS Pack for that. Most people suffer a lot about it. But today we will try to remove this problem through this post. So to check your buying GP SMS Pack, you can use two methods. One is to check the SMS balance by dialing the USSD code of *121*1*2#*566*2#*566*18#

Another method to check GP SMS Pack Balance is by using the MY GP App. You can easily download the MY GP App from the google play store. After downloading the app then you have to sign up with your number. Then you will be able able to check GP Message balance, call list, Talk-time, many offers, main balance, etc.



How To Buy GP Message Pack 30 Days?

Many of you want to buy Grameenphone SMS/Message Pack for 30 Days 2022. So this is a post from which you will be able to know the full process of how to buy GP SMS Pack 30 Days. You just need to follow this post till the end to buy an SMS pack with different validity. As here we already discussed the method you can use to get an SMS pack of Grameenphone. You can dial the given activation code or use the given link to click on it and download the My GP App to buy the SMS pack. There are many SMS packages are available on the Grameenphone sim website. You can also visit the official Grameenphone website to know the SMS pack activation code for 30 days, 7 days, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc with different prices.

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code

There are many people who need to buy 500 GP SMS with a total of 30 Days validity. So you can easily buy it by reading this post. As here we have given the 500 SMS 30 days activation code with a price list. They always search when they need GP 500 SMS 30 Days. Many of them also search with GP SMS Pack Monthly. For them, this can be an ideal post. 

We always try to provide the exact information to our readers. So that they can know the authentic information of what they want. Every time you will search to get GP SMS Pack, you will see offer can be changed with validity and price. So you need to know the real-time information to get the SMS pack. This is why we are here for you to provide the true information.

GP SMS Pack Monthly 2022

You can get the information on Grameen phone monthly SMS pack offer. As they always updated the current SMS pack for the customer. Grameenphone can give many offers for their special customers. But they also give the offer to their regular customer through the different types of messages. Most of the time customers want to buy GP SMS Pack Monthly. This means they want to know information about the GP SMS 30 Days pack. There are many websites you will get information about this. But most of the time you will see the Grameenphone official website to know the SMS offer price.

Terms and Conditions To use GP SMS Offer Pack 

There are terms and conditions for the customer to use this Grammenphone SMS pack offer. As a customer, you have to follow these rules and apply them. What are the rules to use GP SMS Pack Offer given below.

  • GP Prepaid and postpaid customers can use this offer
  • Prepaid and Postpaid customer has different offer to use
  • They can send SMS GP to other local operators
  • Customers can buy SMS packs many times at a time
  • All the SMS pack have their own vat & sd includes

Final Word About GP SMS Pack 2022

Here is the information you need to know while buying your GP SMS Pack 30 Days. We suggest you go to the GP official website to check all the SMS pack prices and validity. We don’t have 100% information here for you. The last updated information on the Grameen Phone SMS pack is 2019 November. Thank you for being with us. If you have any suggestions or questions. Then make a comment below.

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