Assignment Cover Page Bangla for Class 6, 7, 8, 9 (2021) Download

Assignment Cover Page Bangla for the students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9 PDF Download. From here you can download your Bangla assignment cover as the Directorate of Secondary School already published its assignment syllabus for the students of class 6 to 9. You can find this syllabus on our website here.

After completing your assignment you need to submit your assignment to your School or Online. Doing this you must create a cover page that has to add to your assignment. There is much design that you can use to create your cover page. But we here separate some of the best design for your cover page that you can add to your assignment.

 All the students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9 can easily use this as their fronts cover page. So, let’s go and find your front page cover for your assignment.


Assignment Cover Page

Now many of you don’t know about the cover page. What is the cover page and where you can use it on your assignment? Look cover page is one kind of page that is taking place on the 1st page in any assignment. There are many ways or places where students can download their cover images.

Here for our beloved students, we choose some Unique, beautiful, and useful cover designs. From here you will find your Bangla, English, and Bangladesh Studies Subject Assignment front page. For your kind information, there are two kinds of assignment versions. One of them is colorful and another is the black and white format.


We here give you both format design. You can pick up one format which you like from here. Download your class 6 assignment in pdf and image format which you have to submit to your school or online.

You have to write some information on this cover page in your class 7 assignment. Firstly you can write your name, your school name also your class name, subject name, a topic name on your cover page. Your subject teacher’s name also has to write on it. Because you are going to submit this assignment to him or her.


We here updated some images for classes 8, 9 also for this Assignment Syllabus Class 9, 8, 7, 6 NTCB Short Syllabus cover design.


Assignment Cover Page Design

A cover page design may look different from a person to person. Many people can use many colors and designs according to their choice. But if you look that most of the people use the colorful cover page while some few likes to use black and white.

Many of them use their own hand-design cover front page. Many students have searched for it on the internet to download some. It doesn’t matter what color format are you using for your assignment. It’s some time depending on your assignment subject and topic. However, here we provide for you some of the better-looking cover pages design for your assignment.


From here you can download any of your favorites designs. There is no problem claim to download it. We here come for you to give this all design we are picked for you. Our websites member design some gorgeous looking cover designs for all the students of classes 6, 7, 8, and 9. You can freely download and save these images on any device to use for your assignment. We hope your particular subject teacher will like it and praise you to add this cover design to your assignment.

assignment-cover-page-design-class-6, 7, 8, 9



Assignment Meaning in Bengali

Many of you want to know what is the Bengali meaning of this assignment. The answer is assignment means Home Work which is called in Bengali as Barir Kaj. One can compare this word assignment to Home Work in our country.

Our students need to know properly about the Bengali meaning of the assignment. For growing your more specific knowledge about this word assignment. You can watch some videos on Youtube. Which will help you to find out all the information about this assignment.


We here below added a section called Bengali format of this word assignment for you. Our hope is always there that this particular topic can make you understand to know this all about things of the assignment.


Assignment Lekhar Niyom

Our students can write now their assignment following this part called assignment lekhar niyom. May we hope you know how difficult especially for a class of 6, 7 students to write an assignment. Where many of them are not know the meaning of the assignment. 

Even though many educated people can not prepare a good assignment. So, we recommend you to go to your near computer shop and asked them to prepare a cover page for your assignment. For that, it will take some cost to pay the computer shop owner for this work.


So, you need to write down your all information clearly and then it’s up to the computer shop who will help you to make a design for your assignment cover.

But remember one thing that for doing all this you must follow the Directorate of Secondary Education (DSHE) rules and regulations. Otherwise, it turns into an invalid assignment. And make sure you read full this post to know all about this.

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