Assignment Syllabus Class 9, 8, 7, 6 NCTB 6th Week Short Syllabus

Assignment Syllabus Class 9, 8, 7, 6 NCTB Short Syllabus published by the authority for its students. The authority Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education make a new assignment Syllabus for its students of class 9, 8, 7, 6 in 2020. After the New Short Syllabus of Secondary school now the authority makes this Assignment Syllabus for its students. And already this Assignment course has begun on November 01.

We here give you the exact information about this assignment, its syllabus, submission form, and many other related things. So, This post will help you find all information about this Assignment topic. For getting all this please read this whole post. Now we are going to describe all these things.



Assignment Syllabus NCTB

As the Education Board declared and released its Assignment for its students. All students are very tense about it. These assignments take an important role for students. That from doing it they carry marks from this assignment. But it’s very sad that many of our students are not aware of this task of assignment. Even many of them are not know the meaning of this word Assignment. For knowing this that what is assignment and its meaning they search for it on the internet. Students may have to face many problems with not give importance to this assignment.


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So, this post is about this topic. We want to tell you that don’t worry much about this assignment Syllabus of any class like 9, 8, 7, 6. Do your homework according to this assignment Syllabus and you will treat them by complete this. Then you will feel comfortable doing it. Your class teacher will give you an assignment in a particular chapter of the subject. Firstly you have to read this chapter well and then write down your answer to this topic what your class teacher wants from you. 2020 assignment

The first process is you have to download the assignment of your own class. For downloading this you can follow our website Because on this website we uploaded all the classes like 9, 8, 7, 6  assignment syllabus. You can find it from here easily. As we collect all this information from the official website of DSHE who are Directorate of Secondary Education. They publish all the school’s class syllabus of this.

নিচে ক্লিক করে আপনার সিলেবাস ডাউনলোড করুন।



All Class Assignment Syllabus Download


Anyone can find every notice related to this assignment syllabus as well as the direction on this official website. You can also collect every piece of information from here on our website. We here every time update all this notice following the official website of DSHE.

One thing is that the server is very slow on this official website of DSHE. You may not collect any information from there. So, from this website of ours, you can get easily all your related information about this topic. We here added all the classes Syllabus Assignment PDF file include each of the class subject names.

Check more from the below.

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Class 9 Assignment Syllabus PDF

It’s a very difficult situation for class 9 students. They are mostly suffering from this pandemic COVID-19. They need to take proper preparation to do well for their upcoming examination. This assignment is very important especially for the students of class 9.

Many students want to know what is the meaning of Assignment. They also asked us where they collect and download this class 9 short syllabus pdf file in 2020. As the Syllabus and Assignments are not the same things or topics.


Because a syllabus is the full documents for the selected part which makes by the Education Board. The other topic is the assignment which is the only selected part of this full syllabus documents.

For class 9 students, they have the subject assignment of Bangla, English, and Bangladesh Studies. Each of these subjects has several chapters. In the syllabus, you have to complete your first chapter. After reading this you have to note down your assignment.

Class 9 (Nine) 6th Week Syllabus Download



Class 8 Assignment Short Syllabus

From here one can easily able to download the class 8 assignment syllabus. The class 8 assignment syllabus includes some chapters of their books. According to the DSHE which is the Directorate of Secondary education, class 8 students have to complete their assignments which their teacher gives them to do. 

All the board’s students in our country can access this class 8 assignment syllabus. Any of the class students can download these assignments syllabus of their from this website. So, check and download your class 8 assignment syllabus PDF which we added below.

Class 8 (Eight) 1st Week Assignment Syllabus Download


Class 8 (Eight) 6th Week Assignment Syllabus Download


Assignment Syllabus Class 7

The assignment syllabus for class 7 is available here on our website as well as the official website. The authority of the NCTB also updated the assignment syllabus for its class 7 students. These steps of NCTB makes it very easier to study for students. As the Education Minister concerned has also decreased for this. 

But the question is how the students have done their assignments according to this short syllabus. The task of these assignments may very easy for the higher level class students but for class 7 students it’s still very difficult.


For this problem, we are trying to write a post about this. You need to follow and visit our website regularly for getting this updated information.

However, now just click the below link and download your class 7 assignment syllabus. After download, this syllabus of assignments read its all chapter of the subject and write down an assignment.


Class 7 (Seven) 1st Week Assignment Download

6th Week Assignment Download Class 7 (Seven)



Class 6 Revised Syllabus 2020

This class 6 revised syllabus also has been uploaded by the Directorate of Secondary Education on our website. But it’s very difficult for class 6 students to write and prepare an assignment.

We recommend them not to worry about this assignment but the students can depend on their institute teachers. For making more easier you can read our other post related to this assignment cover page design of the front page for the students of class 6, 7, 8, and 9 from here on our website.

You will find all the posts here. Just check all our posts on this website. These posts will help you to make your assignment.

Class 6 (Six) 6th Week Assignment Download





All Class Assignment Syllabus Download

From here you can also download all the assignment syllabus. So check the below link we added for you to click and download this pdf file.


All Class Assignment Syllabus Download



Class 6, 7, 8, 9 6th week assignment answer




In the End, We try to give you all the information update here through this post. Hope you understand this. If you have any questions related to this then you can comment below this post. We will give you the answer. Thanks.


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