4th Week dshe.gov.bd Assignment Syllabus for Class 6, 7, 8, 9 All Subjects

dshe 3rd Week assignment syllabus class 4th week 6, 7, 8, and 9 has been published by the dshe authority. In this 6thth-week assignment syllabus for the all-class, you will find the official website as well as our website. Reading this post you will able to download your own class assignment syllabus with its assignment answer. We here provided all class 9, 8, 7, and 6 assignment syllabus download link. Where one can click and easily download their class assignment syllabus from here on. dshe 6th-week assignment syllabus class download.

So, let’s go for your 4th-week assignment syllabus download. Reading this post you will also collect some important information related to this topic. Make sure you read full this post.


DSHE 4th week assignment 2021



6th Week Assignment Syllabus

As you already know the fact about this all class assignment which is published by the DSHE authority. For the pandemic Covid-19, all the educational institute in Bangladesh has been stopped till now. Not only for Bangladesh, but this covid-19 has also impacted every country in the world. As all the educational institute has been stopped. The students of all classes suffering a lot to continue their studies.




dshe.gov.bd Assignment Syllabus 2021 মাউসি এসাইনমেন্ট সিলেবাস ২০২১


Especially for the class of 6, 7, 8, and 9 it impacts much and going to destroy their studies. Without school and teachers, these class students don’t prepare themselves to continue their class study. So, for this problem the Education Ministry and authority start a new education system and made a short syllabus for their students. They also published a new notice where they said that all the students of class 9, 8, 7, and 6 have to prepare an assignment based on their class subjects.

The authority also released a new Syllabus for this assignment. You can download this assignment syllabus from here- Assignment Syllabus for All Class



ক্লাস ৬, ৭, ৮ এবং ৯ এর সকল সপ্তাহের এসাইনমেন্ট নিচের লিঙ্ক এ ক্লিক করে ডাউনলোড করে নিন।


www.dshe.gov.bd 6th Week Assignment Syllabus Download For Class 6, 7, 8, 9



DSHE Short Syllabus Download

The authority of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education published a new short syllabus for class 6, 7, 8, and 9. For the covid-19 all the educational institute has been offed. So, students cant complete their syllabus. For that DSHE authority published a new revised short syllabus for their students. This syllabus reduced some chapters to make it easier for students to finish their syllabus. As the authority wants to complete this short syllabus within 30 working days. So students must complete this new syllabus in 30days.


This is not finished yet as the authority also introduced their students to the assignment task. The Directorate of Education provides a total of the 6th-week assignment syllabus for all class subjects. Students need to read this assignment syllabus chapter topic and then have to make an assignment for each subject.

After completing the assignment students have to submit it to their school teacher. Receiving the student’s assignment teacher will analyzing your performance on that assignment. And they will give you marks for this. These assignment marks will help you to get promoted to the next class. Because the Education Ministry said earlier that there will no annual examination this year.

Download this Short Syllabus by Clicking Here- DSHE Secondary School Short Syllabus 2020 | www dshe gov bd


Remember the short syllabus and assignment syllabus are not the same thing. You have to download both of these by our above-given link of Download. After the download of these two, you will then understand this.


6th Week Assignment Syllabus Download Class 6

Are you looking for your class 6 assignment syllabus? If you then you are welcomed by us. Because you are the exactly right place to collect or download your class 6 assignment syllabus.

The Directorate of Education just published its assignment syllabus for classes 6, 7, 8, and 9 of the 4th-week. They released it’s on their official website. As you also can download and find this assignment from here on our website. We collect all the assignment syllabus information from there.dshe 3rd week assignment syllabus class


After collecting this information we uploaded here all images, pdf file of this all classes assignment syllabus for the 4th week. As the before two-week syllabus assignment has been done by the students. So, students are looking for their 6th week assignment syllabus from here.

Here we come within this class 6 assignment syllabus 4th week and also its answer. You can download this class six assignment syllabus in the 4th week along with the answer. Check the below link we provided and download your assignment syllabus from there.


Class 7 4th Week Assignment Syllabus Download

We know after completing your 1st and 2nd-week Assignment syllabus. Now you looking for your 4th-week assignment syllabus of class 7. We are very happy about providing you this 4th-week assignment. The DSHE authority already released its class 7 assignment syllabus for the 4th week. Reading this post you will able all this assignment subjects syllabus along with its answer.

After the authorities assignment task given the students are very tense about completing this. They also tense about how they collect all information about this assignment, assignment syllabus, short syllabus, and assignment answer. 


For solving all of this problem we are here from you. From here you will able to collect all your information about this assignment syllabus with its answer. So check the below link and download your class seven assignment syllabus and also its answer.


6th Week Assignment Syllabus class 8

Besides other class assignment syllabus for the 4th week. Class 8 assignment syllabus also will find here on our website. We here provided all class assignment syllabus include this class 8. So you need to read this full post to download your class eight assignment syllabus for the 4th week.

The Directorate of Education has been published its new 4th-week assignment for class Eight students as well as other class students. Don’t worry about this to download your new assignment which is released by the official authority.


From here you will also get before week assignment syllabus with its answer at the end of this post. We also added photos, pdf files of this 4th-week class Eight assignment syllabus. You need to check this full article till the end to download this class assignment syllabus along with its answer.

Below we provide a link where you can click and download this assignment syllabus in 4th week. Check the link below.


Class 9 6th Week Assignment Syllabus

From here you can now download your class 9 assignment syllabus. As the authority just released its new assignment task syllabus for the 4th week. Because the 1st and 2nd-week assignment is completed by all class students. 

So all the class students searching for the 3ed week assignment syllabus for them to complete. For your kind information for each of the subjects, you have to make an assignment. And this number of assignment week is Six. After these six weeks, all assignments will be done according to the Education authorities’ notice.


Want to download your assignment for class 9 but don’t find it anywhere. Then here is this for you. Check the below link and download this class Nine assignment syllabus. You will also find here this assignment answers all classes include class 9.

So hurry up to check and complete this 4th-week assignment task also.


At the End of more information please keep visiting our website every day. We updated all the information here on our Website. If you have any questions about dshe 3rd week assignment syllabus class then please make a comment below from the comment box.

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