Grocery Shopping Experience Assignment Class 6 Answer For 3rd Week English

Grocery Shopping English Class 6 assignment answer for the 3rd week is available here. As the DSHE authority published its new 3rd-week assignment syllabus for all class includes class 6. Here in this post, we are going to provide you the English assignment answer of class 6. Class six English 3rd-week assignment topic is Grocery Shopping Experience. From here you can easily see or download your Grocery Shopping Experience which you have to narrate in 300 words.

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You have to narrate Grocery Shopping Experience in 300 Words. Which is from your Text-Book Lesson: 8. See below and according to below complete your English assignment.




Grocery Shopping Experience

What is a Grocery Shopping? Grocery Shopping is where we basically buy many necessary things. If you look you may understand how many grocery shops in our country. Even you can see there are a huge number of grocery shops everywhere. But in the Modern area or city, the number of grocery shops is extremely high. Here in this kind of shop, you will find many necessary things like milk, eggs, bread, salt, oil, sugar, cold drinks and many more.


Now I,m going to tell my experience of visiting A Grocery Shopping. Though I went so many times to Grocery Shop but here I describe one of the most enjoyable experiences. With my father, I went to a grocery shop which is near our house. This shop’s name is ”Agora Super Shop”. The Agora shop is decorated so beautifully. I,m very impressed looking this. Before leaving our home to going to the shop, my mom gives me a list of what needed to buy. We noticed that there are many people who come here to buy their goods. With all these people the atmosphere becomes wonderful. There are a total of Two guards in front of the Agora Super Shop Gate. When we are entered it then the two guards greeted us.


Going the inside everything looks very neat and clean to me. Each product is his own self and decorated well so anyone can easily find their product and buy it. There are many various products in this super shop. Everyone maintains the rules and regulations of this shop to buy goods. Then I and my father looking at our product list that was given by my mom. According to my mom list, we bought potatoes, rice, salt, eggs, sugar, milk, oil, and also ice cream for my own.  After buying this my father going to the bill counter to pay our bill. Then, my father, I went back home. 

I liked it very much that day. Also, this is a memorable day of my so far life. I don’t want to forget that day.



Last Talk About Grocery Shopping

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