English Grammar and Composition Class 8

English Grammar and Composition Class 8 2nd Paper has been released by the DSHE authority today. The 4th Week Assignment Syllabus for the class 8 students has been also published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. The Education authority added the English 2nd paper Grammar and Composition part assignment for the 4th week for class 8 students. Now for the 4th week, you need to write your answer according to the DSHE authorities assignment syllabus for your class Eight. Class 8 Assignment English Answer 2021 is available here.


Class 8 English 2nd Paper Assignment

After the 1st, 2nd, 3rd-week assignment syllabus this time 4th-week assignment syllabus for classes 6, 7, 8, and 9 have been published by the Directorate of Education. This time English 2nd Paper Grammar and Composition part included for the class 8 students’ 4th-week assignment. Class Eight students have to answer for their English assignment from this Grammar and Composition Part. For answering your 8 class English Assignment you need to become more serious. Because of the Grammar and Composition Part Included.


So for that at first you should watch and analyze your class Eight syllabus of this Assignment. That’s why we are here for you to provide all of these things. If you students of class Eight then you need to do read your Text-Book very well according to this assignment syllabus. Then you can able to answer for this assignment the 2nd Paper English Grammar and Composition part. We here also give you the answer to this class Eight assignment English 2nd Paper. So collect all your assignment answers for your class from here.


English Grammar and Composition Class 8 Student Assignment Syllabus

At first, you need to identify what kind of answer you need to write for your class 8 assignment of this English. Then you have to read your English Text-Book for answering this English 2nd paper Grammar and Composition part assignment. You need to answer just two things from your textbook for this 2nd paper English assignment. You will find all these answers to this English Assignment from here. Here on our website, we managed all this assignment syllabus of this class English Subject.


This English subject assignment is very hard for all class students. When it is the Grammar and Composition Part then it is tougher for our students especially for class Eight. For this, they need to download their assignment syllabus as soon as possible. If you finished the 3rd-week assignment then now download from here your 4th-week assignment syllabus with its answer.


Class 8 English Grammar and Composition Assignment Answer

Are you looking for your English 2nd Paper assignment solution for class 8? Then here is this answer. This time 4th-week English assignment answer for class eight from Unit 7. The item name is Sentence Changing. Changing assertive sentences into Interrogative from your English 2nd paper textbook from page 143. Here we have given all these assignment questions and along with its answer for your convenience. Check below and download your assignment answer from there.

class-8-english-2nd-paper-grammar-answer (1)


Exercise Name: Change assertive sentences into interrogative



  1. It Was A Great Sight.
  2. No One Can Tolerate This.
  3. No Body Saluutes The Setting Sun.
  4. Gulliver Could Hear His Watch Ticking In His Pocket.
  5. It is Useless To Cry Over Spilt Milk.
  6. The Beauty Of Nature Is Beyond Description.
  7. Everybody Has Heard Of Darwin.
  8. He Has His Dinner At Seven Every Evening.
  9. I Told Him To Practise Regularly.
  10. Virtue Has Its Own Reward.

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Now you need to write a paragraph (Descriptive): Suppose you visited a Place Last Year


Describe the place answering to the following question from below:

  1. Where did you visit?
  2. Why did you go there?
  3. How did you go there?
  4. Who accompanied you?
  5. Did you like the place? Why/Why not?


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