Khichuri Recipe Assignment in English for School | How to Make or Cook Khichdi

Khichuri Recipe Assignment in English for all the class of 6 7 8 9 is available here. If you are a student of high school in Bangladesh and also JSC students then you have to read this full post on this topic. Because the directorate of secondary education asked all the students to submit their assignments to their respective school teachers or online. There is a limited time to submit this assignment.

In a part, the students of JSC need to write an assignment on how to make or cook khichuri Recipe. Their many units in this assignment and the delicious unit are one of them. The DSHE authority includes a recipe in this Assignment Syllabus called Khichuri Recipe.


Khichuri Recipe Assignment

You may already know that this is a must complete your assignment and submit it to your school teacher or online. According to DSHE authority, all the students of class 6 7 8 9 have to submit their own handwriting assignment on their particular subject. And this is very important to make this assignment and submit it to your teacher to earns a number to help you get a promotion to the next class.


For making this assignment you must follow the direction of 2020 syllabus. Click here and read all this about what they want from you and make an assignment following this. There will be a trio option of a delicious unit assignment. You need to pick one of your favorites like the Khichuri Recipe assignment.

In this post, we are going to talk about this delicious unit of this khichuri cook assignment. Here we will describe to you how to cook khichuri using a very easy way. Reading this post you can easily make your Khichuri Recipe Assignment from here. You know about how popular recipe is this Khichuri, especially in Bangladesh. If we do not wrong everybody here likes to eat khichuri. If it is rainy season then khichuri is valuable food here in every house in our country.



Khichuri Recipe Equipment

Basically, we eat that kind of food which very tastes to eat. But here there is no need to concern about taste in Khichuri cook. We know every kind of food making we learn some basic things or follow some cooking training. But there is no need for training or maintain rules to cook Khichuri. And at the lowest price, we can get its cooking material from the market.

So, let’s go to check how you can cook the khichuri recipe following some easy tips we provide below. You just need to follow our things below and implements them on your cook.

Needed Elements:

1.Bashmoti Rice- 200 gram

2.Mog Dal- 200 gram

3.Cumin Powder- 2 tea-spoon

4.Powder of Red Chili- 1 tea-spoon

5.Powder 1 teaspoon

6.Ginger paste- 1 or 2 tea

7. Ingegratio ratio Cummins- 1 teaspoon


8. 4/ 5 pieces chopped Green Chili

9.Powder of Garam Masala- your wish or 1/2 tea

10.Potato chopped- the large size of total 3

11.chopped of tomato- 2 small size number

12. Cauliflower chopped-  2 

13.Onion- 100 gram

14.Brinzal chopped-  1 big size

15. 2 medium sizes of Carrot

16.150 ml Oil

17. 1 teaspoon Sugar

18.Salt- according to your taste



How to Cook Khichuri | Method of Cooking Khichuri

How you can easily make your khichuri or khichdi is describe here through the images below. We assure you to follow these images and cook khichuri.

Making khichuri you firstly put oil into the pan. Have to warm it for a minimum of two minutes. Then wash dall very well and put it into the pan. Now fry the dall at least 3 minutes. After that remove it from the pan. Wash rice purely and again mixed rice with dall and oil of pan. Minimum 5 or 6 minutes you have to stir it gently. Again remove this from your pan. Now pour again oil into the pan mixed Cummins masala and warm it at least 3 minutes.


Then add chopped potato, onion, brinjal, cauliflower, tomato chopped, Green Chili, and other things above the list we mention. Now mix them very well. Fry whole these things minimum of 3 minutes. Now you have to mixed rice and dall onto them. Need to stir gently for another 2 minutes. Add salt and masala with them. All this done. Now put with a cover and cooked them until it properly cooks or boiled. You need to cook a minimum of 30 minutes for making this khichuri.

After 30 minutes you are done to make this Khichuri Recipe Assignment In English.


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Khichuri recipe assignment in English


Following this method, one can easily cook khichuri recipe. 


Khichuri Cook Recipe Assignment Download

In this post, you will able to learn how you can cook your khichuri assignment easily. This post will help you to make this delicious cook.

So, read this post very carefully and check out how this all method helps you make khichuri which is your class assignment 2020.


Khichuri Assignment Download PDF


If you have any questions related to this Khichuri Recipe Assignment In English then ask us through the below comment form. We are ready to bring you a solution.

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